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  • Your phone deserves a better gallery

    Piktures is a beautiful, user-friendly, feature-rich gallery app which comes with features you have never seen anywhere else.

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Swipe to use

Our experience is all about sliding

Slide on the right to see your albums. Slide on the left to filter by locations

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  • Browse your memories

    Piktures comes with a unique calendar view. You have never seen a gallery like that

  • Access your cloud photos

    Piktures let you access your photos on Dropbox with more cloud services coming soon.

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  • Secure your private photos

    Piktures comes with a Secure Drive allowing us to protect your most private photos from prying eyes. Photos are encrypted and hidden behind a PIN-code.

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  • Mac companion

    Easily transfer photos between your Android and your Mac


      Move photos between your Mac and Android


      No need to plug, connect over Wi-Fi

  • Beam

    Display your photos on a larger screen thanks to the support of Chromecast and soon, Airplay.

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