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The gallery with superpowers, for superusers

You are a superuser. You want beauty, you want freedom, you want power. Piktures is your gallery. It is the most beautitul gallery and it comes with superpowers. We have worked 7 years on it.
Simply awesome!
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Piktures is feature-packed

fast icon
Piktures has its own fast rendering engine to let you see your photos very fast. It is optimized for large-screen devices.
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Secure Space
The Secure Space protects your most private photos from prying eyes. The Photos are encrypted and hidden behind a PIN-code. It is a local space on your device. There is no associated cloud and we have no access to those photos and videos.
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Cloud access
Piktures let you access your photos on Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive. Nextcloud is coming soon
editor icon
Photo Editor
You can crop, edit, filter and add drawings on your photos from the editor.
calendar icon
Calendar view
Piktures allows you to see the days you have taken photos on a calendar
share icon
Share & resize
Share and resize photos before sharing

It's the only "swipe" gallery

You just swipe left to see the list of albums, it's the fastest experience to move from albums to albums
Swipe Piktures
You can access your photos from your clouds and you will soon be able to access your network drives.

Your photos the way you like

You have the choice between the simple grid view, the list view, the calendar and the mosaic view
Piktures Views
We have made Piktures flexible to suit your needs. We will contine working on new options to help you enjoy your photos even more.
Piktures also loves videos


Piktures plays videos and animated GIFs
Video Player
We have made Piktures beautiful and simple. We hope you will enjoy using it!