In order to provide you the Piktures app ("Service"), Diune ("About us") needs to obtain your agreement to our Terms of Service ("Terms") and our Privay Policy ("Privacy"). Below is a summary of those points. You will find links to more details at the bottom.

About us

We are Diune Limited, a UK-registered company. We believe in providing beautiful apps and caring for your personal data. Your photos and videos are your own. We don’t know who you are and we don't have access to any of your files. It also means that you are fully responsible for your content.


Piktures is a Gallery app allowing you to access and manage you local photos. You can secure some photos on a Secure drive on your device. You can also configure access to your cloud photos.


You must use the app for legal, authorized and acceptable purposes. You cannot use the Secure Drive if you are younger than 13 years old

Privacy policy

Piktures does not collect any personal data in its standard use.
We never have access to your photos and videos. This also means that we cannot get them back for you if you delete them without backing them up.
If you use the Secure Drive, Piktures asks an email address and stores it
We ask for the email address for the Secure Drive to be able to give you back access if you forget your PIN code. The Secure Drive is not linked to a cloud. The files are stored locally on your device and are never sent anywhere without your will. Your email address is never shared with any partner
If you use a cloud access, Piktures asks for credentials but never stores them.
When you want to link Piktures with one of your cloud service, credentials are asked. This generates a token stored locally on the device. We never have access to this token.
If you use the online print feature, Piktures needs to send the selected photos to our partner
In some countries, Piktures offers the ability to order physical prints directly from the app. This feature is provided through If you order physical prints, the digital copies of the selected items are sent to Once the printing is done, the digital copies are destroyed.
We collect anonymous data to improve Piktures. Piktures collects anonymous data ("analytics") in order to improve our service. We use Google Firebase and Fabric Answers for Analytics and the anonymous analytics data are stored on their servers.

Full terms and conditions

Full privacy policy