Sync with your computer with

Piktures Media Server

Piktures is an app that runs on your Mac, PC, with Linux coming soon. The app allows you to transfer your photos and videos from your phone to your computer and vice-versa

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The server you didn't know you needed

Piktures Media Server transforms your computer into a powerful photo and video server


It runs on your local network
Accessing your content is blazing fast

Private back-up

You can use your computer as
your private phone back-up

Ideal for movies

You can also use the Media Server to
stream movies to your phone

A powerful
Media Server

Piktures Media Server is a WebDav-powered media-only file server.


An open protocol natively supported by many operating systemls

Secured by SSL

The server runs HTTPS only. Even your local network cannot eavesdrop the traffic

Easy pairing

You can pair your phone and your computer by scanning a QR code